December 2019

Why Accurate Construction Cost Estimates are Important

When considering a construction project, the budget is a major concern. This is usually the case whether the project is about expanding an existing facility or building a new structure. Most companies eventually arrive at a budget they consider feasible. However, determining whether their vision can be made a reality by their spending cap requires a well-researched and accurate construction estimate. 

When it comes to construction estimate, clients get bids from different construction companies. Each company presents its projected estimate for the project duration and costs. It’s from the presented bids that a client hires a company that they consider ideal for their budget and job. 

Some construction companies have estimators as members of their staff. Others use third parties to generate estimates for them. But, regardless of the used method, an estimator should a qualified professional. Being an effective estimator requires expertise in construction blueprints, labor and building supplies costs. 

How an Accurate Construction Estimate Helps 

There are many unforeseen reasons to go over your original estimate. These can include an inclement weather. Nevertheless, construction estimation is just one of the crucial considerations for hiring a contractor. As such, the estimate should be realistic and accurate. 

If a construction project surpasses the estimate scope, the client has to look for a way of paying the additional expenses. Alternatively, they can sacrifice some features of the structure to save money. This explains the importance of getting an accurate construction estimate. 

Pro Tip 

A sure way to determine whether a construction estimate is accurate is to ask the estimator about their track record. Review the portfolio of an estimator to determine their ability to give you an accurate construction cost estimate. You can also read reviews that other clients have written about the contractor or reach out to the contractors that an estimator has worked with before. For final pro tips, check out the national site here for updated legal stuff and qualifications.

Ways to Save Money When Building a New Home

Building a new home does not usually come cheap and, that is the main reason why most people shy away from construction. However, home construction is one of the most rewarding investments that you should carefully think about. In case you are worried about the costs, the following are some useful ways on how to save money when building a new home. 

Create a Budget and Stick to It 

The main reason why many people end up spending huge sums of money when building a home is that they never settle on a specific budget. To avoid unnecessary expenditures, decide on the amount of money that you can afford and stick to that limit. 

Choose Builders Wisely 

Builders can either over-estimate or under-estimate the construction costs.  Therefore, you should be very keen when hiring builders to select one that can offer the most of your investment. Ask for referrals or read the reviews of different builders to determine their costs and workmanship beforehand. 

Compare the Prices of Building Materials 

Decide on the type of home and features you need and then take your time to research the costs of building materials before placing an order. Although the prices should be within the range of your set budget, never compromise on the quality of building materials. 

Consider DIY 

Building a new home entails a lot of professional labor but, there are also certain simple projects that you can do yourself with a few handyman tips. In case there are some easy tasks that you can postpone and do later, they could help to cut down on the labor costs. However, you must be sure that you can safely and effectively handle the tasks. 

Generally, building a new home can cost a whole lot of money. But, you have the power to control your spending and avoid unnecessary costs. Refer to the above guidelines to save money on new construction projects. 

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Construction Company

The decision as to what contractor to work with on your construction project can be a difficult one. It’s important that you take time to research so you can find the right construction company. Probably you’ve already asked for recommendations from friends and relatives and have checked references before settling on one that looks like the right fit for your home renovation or new construction. Well, you might want to ask them these questions before they get you to sign a contract. 

Is the Company Licensed and Registered?

Never work with a contractor who doesn’t have the registrations, and license necessary to do construction work in your area. Licensed and registered contractors provide their clients with the assurance of quality work. Furthermore, most of these companies enroll in continuing trainings and educations courses with enhance their capacity and expertise. Be sure to verify the company’s credentials, accreditation, awards, and certifications. 

How long have you been in Business?

The longer a construction company has been in business the more experience brings to your project. It’s doesn’t obviously mean that working with an older company will guarantee quality work. You must ask for the company’s most recent projects so you can verify their quality of service. An experienced company is more likely to have handled a projected similar to yours hence a higher likelihood of a successful project. 

Do you have a Permanent Address?

Avoid working with a contractor without a permanent address as this can be a sign of illegitimacy. How will you reach such a company should problems arise during or even after the project? A construction company with a permanent physical address is legitimate and makes it easier for you to scope out their offices using Google Earth without necessarily having to visit their facility. 

Does the Company have a Safety Program?

Employees are more productive and confident when they work with a company that maintains high safety expectations and practices. Injuries during the construction process can cause costly project delays. You should, therefore, choose to hire a contractor with effective safety techniques in place. 

Can you Provide Valid References? 

If you’re in business, you’d probably be hesitant hiring a new employee who isn’t willing to share contact details of his or her previous employers. You want to call them so you can know what kind of an employee the person was. Your contractor should provide you with valid references so you can call them and gain further insight into the quality of service the company offers. So, don’t be afraid to ask for references. 

Has the Company Used Different Names in the Past?

Why would a company change names at any time in the past? You want to make sure you’re not working with a company which has had a bad reputation in the past. Multiple name changes could mean there’s something from their past they’re trying to hide. Unless it was a merger or some other strategic business choices, consider finding another contractor for your project. 

Other important factors you should consider include how the company resolves complaints, the company’s workmanship warranty, and payment terms.